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There are several effects that the shuffle will have on a game of Blackjack and in this section we shall take a close look at the shuffle to help you get a better understanding of them.

The first point that is often over looked regarding the shuffling of a deck is in relation to online blackjack games, you need to be aware that the deck is shuffled before a game begins. So if you are trying to learn the art of card counting then playing online will be a complete waste of time.

This leads us to the next point and one that some players have difficulty understanding and this is in relation to continuous shuffle machines that can often be found in land based casinos.

Once cards are removed from the table they are then fed into the machine, this leads players to mistakenly think that this is like playing against an infinite deck.

But you are not, and the best way to explain this is when you get a dealt an Ace as the player, in an 8 deck show there are only so many Ten valued cards to help you make a Blackjack, in an infinite deck there are no limit on the number of Ten valued cards which would have a dramatic effect on the house edge.

There is actually a reduction in the house edge if a casino chooses to use a continuous shuffling machine. This type of device keeps shuffling the cards non stop and all discards are fed into the machine as they come redundant on the table.

Based on this fact let's take a look at how the House Edge is reduced by the use of continuous shuffling machines, when discards and placed back into them immediately they are removed from the table.

In a single deck game the house edge drops by 0.113%. Two deck shoes have a reduction of 0.063%. Four deck games see a reduction in the house edge of 0.034% and five deck games' house edge drops by 0.028%. Six deck shoes will see a reduction of 0.020% and eight decks games 0.014%.

So based on the above facts and figures it could actually pay to track down single deck games using a continuous shuffling machine, as any reduction in the dreaded house edge can only be a good thing.

Players often think that once a Dealer shuffles the deck it will change their Luck, and a cold deck could become hot or visa versa! A shuffle will make no real difference on a players luck but immediately after a shuffle you can make a few changes in the basic strategy.

Below are changes in basic Strategy that should be put in use but only on the very first game after a shuffle and in this example we are looking at a 2 card deck in which the Dealer stands on a soft 17.

Get dealt a 9 and a 2 or an 8 and a 3 against an Ace and you should Hit. Get a ten and a two against a Dealers four and you should hit.

Get dealt a three card 16 against a 10 then you should Stand (see below for a few exceptions). If you have a three card soft 18 against a Dealers Ace then stand.

A sixteen made up of a 7, 6 and a 3 or a 8, 6 and a 2 or a 9, 6 and a an Ace or a 10, a 3 and a 3 or 2 x 6's and a 4 against a Dealers ten calls for a hit by the player. A soft 18 made up of two Aces and a six against a Dealers Ace and you should hit your hand.

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