Blackjack Basic Strategy

Learn basic strategy for playing blackjack games (21).

Basic Strategy

When you are new to the game of Blackjack or simply wishing to brush up on your playing skills you need to know that although the game is beatable you won’t win every time you sit down to play. This may sound like commonsense but some players think after a bad run that the game is rigged or not legit!

The truth of the matter is more than likely the player has made several basic mistakes when playing and this fact has led to the lowering the house edge by virtue of their bad play and ultimately costs them money, which is no way to play 21.

If you wish to play a better game and occasionally come out of the game ahead then you need to get yourself playing Blackjack Basic Strategy, it isn’t brain surgery in fact anyone can learn it, so spend a little time on our site accumulating all the knowledge and information you need to improve your Blackjack play.

You first need to find a Blackjack game that has the lowest house edge, why play a game that has a high house edge when by shopping around you can get this down to the absolute minimum.

Next you need to get yourself a Blackjack strategy card, we have several dotted around our site and they will show you every move to make when playing blackjack, it is basically an idiots guide to playing Black jack 21, not that we are saying you are an idiot of course, but you know what we mean!

A black jack strategy card will explain all of the best decisions to make based on your two playing cards versus the dealer’s one up facing card. A classic scenario the best illustrates how a strategy card helps you is with a pair of aces. Basic strategy tells people to always split their aces when dealt a pair in the game of 21. This is called “splitting aces”.

TrustGeeky Blackjack 101: Splitting Aces
Basic blackjack strategy tells discerning players to always split their aces when playing 21 games. Image source:

Money Management

Whether your playing blackjack or other casino games, say for example slots jackpots online you need to be aware money management. Now if you have armed yourself with a strategy card and you have found the best BJ game with the lowest House Edge you next need to put into operation a good money management system. This simply refers to your bankroll and how you wish to use it.

The best rule of thumb is for you to first decide how much you have got to play with then divide it in half. So let’s say for the sake of argument you have $200 to play with, half of that is $100 so this should be both your stop loss limit and you winning goal.

Next divide your bankroll by 20, that is $10 so that should be what you are going to play each hand for. You have now worked out how much you are going to place on each hand ($10) and how much you are aiming to win ($100), plus you now know that if you lose $100 of your bankroll which is your stop loss limit you must stop playing and move on.

There you have it a very simple way to instantly improve your BJ play, it isn’t complicated and will, over time save you a lot of money at the Blackjack tables! To conclude 1) Find a low house House Edge. 2) Grab a strategy Card. 3) Work out your stop loss, win goal and stake per hand. 4) Hit those tables and good luck gambling online.

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