Card Counting Basics

How to Count Cards in Blackjack

How to Count Cards in Blackjack

There are a great many books and films on the subject of blackjack card counting, and rather than looking at card counting as some form of cheating, most casinos love such films!

The reason for this, is they get many novice players through their doors and sitting down to play at their tables with only a fraction of the knowledge needed to be a successful card counter, and this results in even greater profits for such venues!

The very fact you have found and are reading this means you have somehow discovered the art of card counting in blackjack and you are wanting to learn more.

Now before you read on, you need to realize one thing, becoming a successful card counter takes a lot of time and patience, and if you have neither then you should not consider trying to become one.

The way people card count is by keeping track of every card that has been dealt in a game of Blackjack, and then they will adjust their wagers in such a way that it is possible to gain a small advantage over the house.

The cards which offer players an edge is the high valued cards, namely the ten valued cards and the Aces, so therefore a deck that still has the majority of such cards left in it will appeal to a card counter.

Most casinos offer a 6 deck game and this means that there are 312 cards in the shoe at the beginning of the game, and you may think that keeping track of that many cards is impossible.

This is not as difficult as you may think as there are several ways and methods a card counter will use to help keeping track of what cards are still available, this is commonly known as “the count”.

In this section of the website we shall take a look at all aspects of card counting, so as to give you a much better understanding of what there is to know and how you can go about it!

Let’s begin by explaining why card counting works. Unlike every other casino game Blackjack holds a memory, by this we mean there are only so many cards in the shoe, and you know that once a card has been put into play it is then no longer in the shoe.

This fact alone means that as the game progresses and more and more cards are no longer in play if you have been keeping track of them you will then have an idea of what cards are remaining.

Once the remaining cards in a shoe are higher valued ones a savvy card counter knows the house edge has swung his way, and by placing well thought out wagers on the table he stands more than a sporting chance of winning the majority of hands dealt.

Ok, so that is the very basics covered, if you are still intrigued in card counting then keep on reading as our next section will show you how to count cards.

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Counting Cards in Online Blackjack

All internet casinos will shuffle the pot of playing cards before each hand that’s dealer in online blackjack. Because of this shuffling of the cards by the software, it is not possible to count cards when playing blackjack online. recommends that you don’t bet real money. Just enjoy the free play games at online casinos.

Blackjack Card Counting Resources

Our team of BJ experts have researched the web looking for the best and most useful card counting resources. Try visiting any of these sites to learn more about how to count cards in the card game of blackjack.

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